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Meghan Gill
Accredited Exercise Physiologist



Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology | 2019  QUT

Level 1 Rehab Pilates (Matwork & Reformer)

I have a passion for helping people to improve their health and wellbeing. Each person has their own individual goals and health concerns they come to me with, and together through exercise we create a plan to overcome or manage the concern, so you can live a fulfilling life.

Specialist Areas

Having the ability to provide someone with the tools to improve their health is what brings me joy. 

Exercise is a powerful tool to help tackle the limitations holding us back from achieving great things.

Injury Rehabilitation

Resistance Training

Exercise for Healthy Pregnancy 

Pelvic Floor strength

Women Specific conditions: endometriosis & Adenomyosis 

Chronic illness Management

Back Pain 

Kyphosis & Scoloiosis


What Patients Say

Meghan is very dedicated to her passion of helping people be their best in the gym and to aspire to their goals. She is available to answer any questions.

Ingrid Pugh


"Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood"

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