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Initial Consultation

This is the first time we meet. A 60 minute appointment is utilised for me to get to know you and find a suitable treatment plan to assist you in achieving better health or performance.

Injury Management

Consists of an individually tailored exercise program helping guide you through the steps of regaining mobility, strength and function post injury.

Private 1-1

Following an initial consultation, we will continue subsequent sessions at an appropriate frequency to achieve your goals.

Chronic Disease Management 

Exercise therapy for chronic disease has been clinically proven to assist in the management of, but not exclusive to the following conditions:

- Osteoporosis 

- Osteoarthritis 

- Chronic Fatigue/pain

- Obesity

- Diabetes (Type I/II)

- Mental Illness

- Depression & Anxiety

Semi-Private Pilates

Equipment pilates (max 3-1) is a small group session allowing more individualised programming approach to your exercise session.

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